Two Atoms


“Who amongst us imagines at the inception of any, thing, just what greatness and tragedy awaits Fates yet unwritten?”-

Julius D. Thomas


It is hypothesized by the best minds in astrophysics that a so-called “Big Bang” precipitated all that we know and more. To this point in time, time being a very relative reference in-and-of itself it is believed that the Universe is the product of a “singularity” from, which emerged the Big Bang.

It is the belief of theorists of lesser repute that it is entirely likely that there have been, there exists and will forever continue to be, an endless continuum of singularities. The prospect of an infinite succession of existences begets the, prospect that, not only are we, the residents of the planet Earth not alone in the vast Universe, but that the vast Universe itself is not alone in infinity.


With the best “tools” at our avail as humans, it would seem that calculations are based on mathematical models and probability determinations. It might be likely, however, that there are principles other than those subscribed to as mathematics (and physics), which are ultra-profound and totally unknown to us.

There could well be other unconsidered properties, which control; there could well be means to account for other phenomena unknown to the greatest Earth-bound minds. There might be other methods of accounting for and explaining every phenomenon that we know and others yet to be contemplated.

Means derived of even the best minds and applications of even the finest algorithmic formulae might be no match for the knowledge necessary to understand interstellar arcaneness. Another world requiring rubrics and exercises beyond the capabilities of mathematics (and physics) likely exists for exploration.


With an, infinity of all forms of existences possible, the ponderous terrestrial exercise of numbering anything as widely and conventionally profuse as the grains of sand on all of the beaches in all, of the world becomes a lessincomprehensible exercise. So too, the most remote probabilities might be fraught with an infinite succession of far-off, but real likelihood.

Considering, therefore, that theoretically speaking virtually everything on Earth is calculable and isn’t infinite in and of itself, coincidence in this World is, in fact, possible. Ergo, “…anything remotely possible will eventually happen”.


“The final explanation for coincidences is what is called the law of truly large numbers, which says that anything remotely possible will eventually happen, if we wait long enough. Or to put it another way, even genuinely rare events will occur, given enough possibilities.” David Spiegelhalter 26 April 2012 BBC

The New York Times

“It was an example of what the authors, Dr. Persi Diaconis, a professor of mathematics at Harvard University, and Dr. Frederick Mosteller, an emeritus mathematics professor at Harvard, call ‘’the law of very large numbers.’’ That long-understood law of statistics states, in their formulation: ‘’With a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is apt to happen.’’

Dr. Diaconis and Dr. Mosteller said they decided to study coincidences because they were fascinated by the role these odd events play in everyone’s lives. ‘’All of us feel that our lives are driven by coincidences,’’ Dr. Diaconis said. ‘’Who we live with and where we work, why we do the things we do often rest on slim coincidences.’’ These chance events ‘’touch us very deeply,’’ he said. The two statisticians defined a coincidence as ‘’a surprising concurrence of events, perceived as meaningfully related, with no apparent causal connection.’’

Dr. Diaconis and Dr. Mosteller began with the presumption that there are no extraordinary forces outside the realm of science that are acting to produce coincidences. But they also recognized that seeming coincidences are an important source of insight in science and so should not be dismissed out of hand. What, looks like a coincidence may in fact have a hidden cause, which can lead to a new understanding of a phenomenon…

The law of truly large numbers, which explains the double winner of the New Jersey Lottery, says that even if there is only a one-in-a-million chance that something will happen, it will happen eventually given enough time or enough people. ‘’It’s the blade-of-grass paradox,’’ Dr. Diaconis said. ‘’Suppose I’m standing in a large field and I put my finger on a blade of grass. The chance that I would choose that particular blade may be one in a million. But it is certain that I will choose a blade.’’ So if something happens to only one in a million people per day and the population of the United States is 250 million, ‘’you expect 250 amazing coincidences every day.’’ Gina Kolata 02/27/90 The New York Times


They met just once. Atoms collided. Then…he died alone.


His business…to save lives. Some other callous, careless person, born for little and destined for nowhere destroyed this prodigy whose charge in life was only to save the lives of many and; project hope and goodness for all.


Loss, like rain, often falls upon the many. Here, on Earth, in late spring on a balmy afternoon in an idyllic setting, humanity was “twice cursed” when loss, like rain fell to earth, indifferent. Taken from life; was a life-giver. No one can estimate the lives now at risk because that one life was carelessly taken.

Primum non nocere (“First do no harm…”) — from the “Hippocratic Corpus”

A renowned and respected doctor who that spring day lost his own life had likely saved the lives of countless others who deserved the experience and expertise of his consummate professional ministrations. His elegies, now, should include the greater family of fortunate patients who, through his advice and skill, survived him and, sadly, were able to hear of his untimely demise.

What might be overlooked is the very salient fact that with the dispatch from life of one man, there might be denied to a yet-to-be-named population of unfortunate patients the opportunity to live a life that is full and free from the physical debilitation that devolves when talent such as that possessed by this doctor is lost to the world forever. There might well be thousands or tens of thousands of patients who during the normal term of his engagement in the practice of medicine would have benefited from his superior succor.

In addition to those who would have actually benefited from his professional genius, there is that cadre who either practiced with him or would have been the student beneficiaries of his personal wisdom and direction. All of, whom will be disengaged or obliged to secure similar guidance from other, possibly more exhausted, sources.


hinc illae lacrimae- “Hence these tears” (Terence)

As are so many things in life, when that time of final twilight nears, the fresh scent that was new and the dust of antiquity, fully merge in a sensation once unique and final. Atoms of life so intricately, and with such purpose, assembled, tire of their task. Same but different, they too seem to sag with time in their endless labor to maintain some deliberate form of wonderful things, once the happy product of a loving God. All destined for return to the bare, cold, core of some next and far-off existence; set and awaiting another Fate: a Fate reabsorbed as are all things of this World


Both the sun and glory, together, set their bright, noble heads into a grave nod on Wednesday June 17, 2015. One last time his sun slanted and set in the West; through green-leafed trees…Crepuscular Rays they were…


25 June MMXV

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