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Cambridge Analytica


‘There’s a Zucker born every minute.’



‘My Kingdom For A ‘Mash’’

There can be little doubt as to the enduring genius of Mark Zuckerberg. What, with a kingdom created from so little in so little time; it isn’t any wonder that the wunderkind product of Philips Andover and Harvard would somehow impact the greater world.

It was the recipe of a computer-programming prodigy for a purely Corinthian collegiate social endeavor. That burgeoned into a wider business model. Born of the prodigious but gossamer need for perfectly non-essential, superfluous, widespread, inter-personal communication…

Facemash” began it all. A means for the Harvard undergrad-elite to communally decide whom, in that rarified, Cambridge enclave, was ‘the fairest of them all’.

Thus, from the progressive mind of a student (and perhaps a few college confreres) were the beginnings of what would soon become a multi-billion-dollar business. A mega-industry that didn’t come close to even encouraging the cure for some chronic disease, but rather; simply created another means for digital dilettantes around the world to communicate. To transmit, literally every non-essential of casual living: via a mostly, unnecessary plaything for the digitally preoccupied.



“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

-P.T. Barnum (Attributed)


Under Zuckerberg’s ‘Big Top’

Not since the venerable P. T. Barnum has there been a more compelling promoter for convincing the every-day-person of their need for more basic distraction. Mark Zuickerberg not only successfully produced a business plan for a billion-dollar enterprise. The tricenarian successfully convinced the world that it had been denying itself and had been living without and had needed something that had been completely unknown and, more than that, was and still is: completely…unnecessary.


-No Such Thing As A Zecret-

“If your best friend has a best friend…there can be no such thing as a secret.”

-Elvira D. Josephin

In this day and age, anyone content with the belief that they have some ability to limit the expanse that information will occupy without keeping that information strictly to themselves is consummately…naive. Especially, with the advent of modern technology, virtually anything, beyond our control, is possible.

To, publish. Is to perish the thought that, in this day and age, one can contain and control that, which is being offered on any universally accessible, digital platform.

Today, anyone can “publish”. Though, sadly, somehow, the most worthy, publicly available, notations might languish in digital backwaters forever, with little or no notice by the greater world.

In essence, it would seem. That equipped with control over the powers of high technology (someone) could enable public scrutiny (or censorship) of every: email missive, video excerpt and…Facebook utterance and image at any time. The captains of these high technological industries possess the ignition keys to these massive and powerful, information/communication machines.


Cave Scriptor

(Let the Writer Beware)

“Fine print and fine wine are most appreciated by the aficionado.

We, the great unwashed, are far less likely to educate ourselves by the knowledge of either one.”

-Julius D. Thomas

Few of us are equipped to employ either the time or expertise necessary to read and digest the content of: warningsand waivers and policies and terms and conditions and authorizations, etc., etc., etc. What with batteries of high-priced, high-powered legal experts on-call; whose sole purpose in life is to create and interpret the dense legalese that populates literally all of the subscribable sites on the Web today. We are at a distinct and dangerous disadvantage. We just press: “OK”.


Congressional Contriteness

“You can’t unring a bell.”

-David Foster Wallace

Infinite Jest

With, more than a weeks worth of carefully selected and precisely aimed media “spin”. The 21st Century Barnum, Mark Zuckerberg, will appear before the American Congress very soon. The affably presentable man-child entrepreneur will finally address the duly elected representatives of the largest proportion of his subscribers.

Looking forward to performing a delicate balancing act during a televised and digitally streamed, net-less, high wire image-revealing routine. Zuckerberg, ‘to a candid world’, will have to navigate the unforgiving demands of Congressional inquiry as well as the scrutiny of his more attentive Facebook adherents as well as a cadre of profit conscious, Facebook investors.

Zuckerberg will have to explain to an ever-gullible public, tens of millions of his most important consumers that; they have been and will continue to be at risk. Moreover, if those tens of millions of “subscribers” are silly enough to think that, their personal information, whether in the form of image or word, is within their control after the decisive “SEND” button is pushed and: Not…under someone else’s control…well.

They have another message coming.


Once Sent:

You Can’t Un-Ring a Facebook…“Bell”.



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