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Ezinne Ukoha


The Los Angeles Times

(Thursday December 21, 2017)



‘Actresses Call for a Shift In Focus’



Vicarious Vexation



“It might be said.

That numbered amongst the seven great luxuries of the modern world.

Is that experience, which is:

Sensitivity to discrimination on the part of those who would otherwise be naturally unaffected.”

-Timothy Brown


Is It:

Color Confliction


A Questionable Luxury

Some in the world today view “slavery”. As but another terse word that dangles precariously at the end of History’s own, run-on sentence of individual, human destruction. Whose mention, outside the context of History, seems rare.

Even though for millennia, generation upon generation; the insult of slavery has ruined scores of personal lives. In some parts of the globe an unfortunate history continues to be made this very day.

Thus. It is far more than just a word…and more than just History.


In addition to the conventional suffocating significance that is attached to the word. All the while, as a concept, it has beleaguered and captivated citizens, who might have the good fortune, today, to simply: look on from a distance.

From a distance: as observers who enjoy the benefit of living in some safe haven that might be a part of the world, which is most distant from the mal-encouraged horror of one ‘man’s’ ownership of another. Who are untouched by the true horror and stigma of: both the word and the deed. Slavery.

Escape From Slavery

Moreover. In one instance or another: there have been those who actually have experienced the damage of slavery and have had the better fortune to, escape the plight.

As well as those in later, more recent generations, in America at least, who, have come to willingly associate with the historical aftermath of the great societal sin. All without having experienced the insult personally.


“There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at with no result.”

-Winston Churchill


The Yoke of ‘Human Bondage’

For those in the world today who, still experience or have, in the past experienced; the oppressive yoke of bondage: the pain of the wound that is slavery still prevents even ‘the mildest jest of its scar’. Though slavery in far-off corners of the globe does horribly persist: in the United States its essence is depleted.


“He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”

-Wm. Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet


The Color of American Slavery

While in this country. Its lasting historical specter has a “color”. The issue of past “Black” slavery is yet the subject of continuous and lively debate in the United States today.

The Slave Progeny

For the most part, however, this day, there are few or no survivors of the oppressive rule of slavery that once plagued a younger America. Today in the United States, though, there are definitely some citizens. Whose familial provenance is derived of those who once were enslaved.

“Out of Africa”…Free

There are those as well. Who boast the heritage of some or another of the more than fifty African countries: whose forebears, in fact, suffered no stigma from slavery. They had come to America as free citizens and stayed that way.

Silence of “The Man

Furthermore. Considering the totality of the circumstances regarding the effects of American slavery, now, in our country, there surely must be some folks. Who are derived of: those who actually perpetrated and profited from the “Black” enslavement.

Not all “Whites” are derived of the ancient slave traders. Any more than all “Blacks” are derived of the slaves themselves.

Moreover. These actual, bona fide, descendants of “The Man” remain conspicuously nameless and out of the American slave debate and, for good reason.

The Prosecutors

Notwithstanding past history: some of those, who, actually, have not been enslaved. That is.

A later generation of Americans who are derived of African stock. Do continue to actively prosecute the crux of the slavery debate in the country this day.

The Volunteers

Furthermore. There are those who are residents of America today. Who are unforced, voluntary emigrants of modern African countries.

Which countries might once have been a source of the active slave trade. That had once supplied very unwillinghumans destined for America during another, far-off era.

The Protesters

There are also those who are nowise affected by the discrimination that plagued and plagues the “Black” population of America. Who, nonetheless, of their own initiative, willingly undertake the onus of responsibility: in the form of protest participation or the underwriting of exclusively “Black” American causes.

In many cases, these folks are of the so-called “White” persuasion. They admittedly do, however, benefit from the ‘great luxury’ of being the fortunate ones who are

…“naturally unaffected”.



Is It:

Culture Clash


Leading the charge that invokes the memory of American slavery. Is a host of: intellectuals; opponents; critics; agitators; historians; academics; actual slave descendants; protesters as well as a more detached cadre of the simply curious.

Today’s African Immigrant

These folks came and still come to the modern United States as free men and women. Whose hyphenated-American children might even have gained citizenship by birth here in the ‘land of the free’.

These folks, who have felt no wound of slavery, sometimes still foment. For the most part their inclinations toward protest tend to lament the inequality that is real and perceived by many: to doggedly persist. In many cases: it really still does.

Especially when various things associated with “White” culture appear to be preferred by greater society. Preferred, especially by a vast and powerful consuming public that enjoys its treasured ‘freedom of choice’. Of: movies.

Our Stars…


“The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars. But in ourselves…”

-Wm. Shakespeare Julius Caesar


Someone who might be numbered among the list of devotees who, this day, vocally protests a perceived, troubling, “White” prevalence in American culture, especially among the Hollywood acting elite. Is a gifted, creative scribe who was selected ‘as a Noteworthy writer on Medium for her fearless honesty’: author Ezinne Ukoha.

Ukoha’s Premise

Ukoha presents a premise. In a poignant thesis on the issue of neo-white female supremacy in Hollywood the featured, Medium.com contributor sets out a well-versed presentation against the ‘front page’ argument that a handful of critically acclaimed “White” actresses should hold sway in the art and industry that is movie making in America.

A Seat At The Table

Of course, movie making, is today and has been for generations: a “dish” most appetizingly served at Hollywood’s rich and storied “table”. When it comes to cinema: at that table, it would seem, do sit the most commercially powerful and artistically influential folks on the planet. These Hollywood elite do hold sway… They set the table and select their own Hollywood, made-to-order, movie “menu”.

“The Envelope”

Moreover, like the handful of “White” Hollywood-nymphs that grace the December 21, 2017 cover of The Los Angeles Times publication: “The Envelope”. So many of the powers-that-be in the industry, seem, as Ezinne Ukoha insinuates, in a word: “White”.


Profit: ‘slave to thousands


“Who steals my purse steals trash.

’Tis something, nothing.

’Twas mine; ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands.

Wm. Shakespeare



Capitalism, Racism: A Flawed Competition

Whereas. It might be successfully argued that discrimination is the foundation of the American ‘Black movement’. There is no doubt that: Profit is the foundation of the global ‘Commercial movement’.

Discrimination: Its Effects

If you’ve never been discriminated against: it is most unlikely that you would understand the experience. If you have ever been discriminated against: it is surely a life motivating experience of misgiving and, for some, retaliation…

Profit: Its Effects

Then. If you’ve never been governed by the profit motive: it is most unlikely that you would understand its power and allure. If you have ever been governed or even encouraged by the profit motive: it is likely to become a life’s obsession.

When the preoccupation with whatever it takes to be profitable, is the governing objective. Most, all else will become secondary to that objective.

Profit: As “Master”

It is just there. That, preference in favor of personal wealth advancement will dictate not so much an attitude in favor of abject discrimination, as a natural predilection for profit at any cost.

The “profit gods”


If entertainment that offers “Black” themes doesn’t generate profit: promotion of material concerning those themes will suffer. In the wider, entertainment field of music and athletics, “Black” accomplishment happens to drive the engines of profit across-the-board and, does so very energetically. There, the “profit gods” are pleased…

For the time being and, at least, as of December 21, 2017 it would appear. That the commercial “profit gods” look favorably upon a certain segment of cinema-entertainment society. A-la the “handful of “White” Hollywood-nymphcover-girls featured on the front page of: “The Envelope”.

Hollywood and “White Supremacy”

Why, It’s Not An Act

The neo-White female supremacy in Hollywood is likely less the advent of racial discrimination. Than it is the enthusiastic endorsement of the ever powerful and overwhelmingly, and perhaps, for the most part, truly color-blind: “profit gods”.

…Selling “Black” Culture To the Wider Market

Based on subjective assessment or associative reasoning. Actual experience or suggestive exposure to discrimination will cause strong opinion.

No matter how the knowledge is derived. A mindset is created due to the fact that folks might have been the objects of discrimination or have become sensitive citizen successors-in-interest to a history of, slavery. Their personal and institutional opinion on the matter will be preeminent.

Yet. When advanced against the universal power that is profit motivation. It is often the case that the ‘best laid plans’; even when stoked with immense anti-discrimination energy: might tend to flag. When viewed in the shadow of profit.

Profit: the Endgame

Yes. There are plentiful instances where the “profit gods” will endow human interest/human rights issues, including race discrimination with vocal endorsement and monetary support.

Even that support, however, is often governed by the ever-present endgame: profit. The endgame dictates.

The endgame dictates whether or not the overall endeavor of extra-mural cause support: is cost-effective in the long run. Cost effective in a way that supports the ultimate objective, and for the “profit gods”. Profit is always the ultimate objective.

Profit: Quietly Eloquent and Abnormally Powerful

No matter. It is the profit in the end, which will govern most every situation. Maybe more so than does, “love”: profit ‘makes the world go round’.

Regardless, the obsession with profit will trump the anger and pain of most other important things; including discrimination: every time. The “profit gods” rule the world of Hollywood…and beyond.

The Balance Of Power

In the final analysis any true balance of power comes unsoldered and ultimately bends in favor of the folks. Who are charged with making money and not with the folks who are making protest.

For as long as there is a system that reveres profit. Power, social preeminence and even “Fate” will prefer the “profit gods”.

Profit Distraction

Even convenient, momentary endorsement of and monetary support for goals that are moderately divergent from the ultimate objective of making money for the “profit gods”; the loftiest, most humanitarian goal. Will always snap back and eventually tumble before the rule that is: profit motive.

The Hollywood Hype Factor

In the instant Hollywood case: “The Envelope” magazine cover. When the “Black” economy becomes the more profitable economy in the wider cinema industry. The objectives of profit and equality will finally conflate.

Unfortunately. It seems that, industry evolution to a predominantly “Black” actress-laden cover of “The Envelope”. Will likely have to wait until then… When some form of popular demand-driven, commercial parity will evolve and continue to prevail.

The Hollywood Hope Factor

Moreover, in the not-too-distant future surely there will bloom. For all to see, a crop of magazines, including “The Envelope”, which proclaim the virtues of whatever stars or “color” combination of idols and starlets that promises to bring the most benefit to the industry. All for the pleasure of: the “profit gods”.




The Beast

(Of Hollywood)

Perhaps a bevy of “Black” beauties will grace the covers of “The Envelope” and other industry periodicals in seasons to come. There, stiffly contorted in similar, awkward, uncomfortable-looking and almost unnatural poses: they, the “Black” Hollywood-nymphs then will drive the “profit gods”…wild.

Until that time there likely will exist an exclusive experience that is painful to some. A basic, time-honored, box office-preference driven, phenomenon will continue to assert itself.

Today that preference is “White”. Tomorrow it might be “Black”. Or: some race-rich olio of the future.

Winners and Losers

The most basic movie-viewer contest that is pure, on-screen popularity will, as always, definitively determine just who wins and who loses as actors. This natural, age-old viewer imposed screen preference practice will probably continue to anger those who are motivated to action by the fallout from the many modern societal faults such as discrimination.

While, at the same time, in another place the same energy will markedly enliven those whose interest is: pure profit. No matter what “color” the star-flavor of the month might be.

The “profit gods” will rule the day and…the glossiest of magazine covers. In Hollywood the table is set and the featured menu entrée of the day, every day, is still



“If you do not raise your eyes you will think you are the highest point.”

Antonio Porchia


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