William Shatner — Shatters Star Trek Shibboleth

William Shatner



Star Trek






Inexplicable. Surely the planets, had between them; had surrounding them; had somehow supporting them. Something.

Undetectable. The ancients called it: ether. In subsequent generations the name became synonymous with an actual substance; a trance inducing substance.

To the ancients, however, it was the invisible. Ether, somehow, held the heavenly bodies in their place and, perhaps, encouraged the connection: one to the other and another and another…




There is no higher capacity of a living thing but to communicate. There is communication dispatched. There is communication received.

It is still believed by many. That it is through the “ether” that the vibrations of communication bend to their tasks.

For one thing, it is through the ether that telecommunication travels. It too might be through the ether. That quiet thoughts and powerful intentions are transmitted.

Sometimes. Even without the worldly tools that are: words.

Of course, the most conventional communication, that is, communication between and among people is the spoken word. When plainly delivered, the form of information transmission can be mere dictated dross.

When well presented, however. Such can become lofty, informative discourse or even high oratory.




A, deliverance is a formal or authoritative utterance. Doctor William Shatner performed a, deliverance before a select group. The occasion was a college commencement early in the month of May.

Therein, the newly minted honorary doctor of humane letters spoke of many things. The topic of change was on his mind. The spoken word that passed the actors lips became much more than the fodder for some spring commencement constitutional, though.

The Doctor was in the house to express himself, grandly, about his vision for the future. This was no scripted entertainment. His voice: clear. His message: unambiguous. His vibrations through the ether, to those folks in-tune, were revealing and…magical.

This man, the penultimate object of the day’s proceedings; was light years away from just someone blessed with mere acting ability. Or even the wide success in his field that has hence come to prove some Hollywood worth.

This Shatner had a message. A personal message, personally scrivened; personally delivered: not by someone reading some other person’s words, but by a sincere and contemplative and concerned human who had chosen an appropriate venue for a formal…personal, deliverance.

Doctor Shatner at once dispelled the impression that another movie star was going to drape another thousand members of another graduating, but captive, audience. With the usual drone of platitudes that so often litter the season between May and June of each year. When the travails of years of study for some are done.

No. This doctor honoris causa had a message to the wider world. A world that lay beyond one civic center peopled by young women and men all on the cusp of graduation; a place likely, spattered with movie actor adherents and fans but, definitely replete with the usual smattering of administrative personnel and elected officials.

The greater world, maybe the cosmos, was the target of this talented beyond filmdom, performance. A performance that was artfully delivered on a sunny Sunday morning in early May 2018. William Shatner made his point about change and: the future that will be its beneficiary.

In a firm and deliberate manner. The man, who often acts, was a different person from that with whom the rank and file of entertainment consumers have become accustomed.

No. This new doctor had something profound and articulate to say. No act here.

Something. From the sincere heart and from a mind more prodigious than most people would have cause to know even existed. Something happened from the moment when this new and honorary doctor took to a podium; right through the moments when he increased the cadence and embellished the content of what would become a masterful speech. A, deliverance resulted.

Shatner shattered the image that, so long ago, had settled over another, different and vast and rapt and fanatic audience. On this day before a crowd modest in number by comparison to that attendant to wider world acclaim.

A, Doctor Shatner spoke with wisdom and truth and profundity befitting a man of vision. Who was well able to articulate his thoughts about the future and the change that awaits it and so, awaits…all of us.

This, alas. Was not an act. William Shatner is the real thing. Godspeed Doctor Shatner.


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