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Conservative Israeli

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A Study in Alternative Democracy


The nature of the Levant has never leant itself to the concept of “democracy”. Tribal existence and hegemonic rule capitalized the populations for twenty generations and more.

The United States, the truest study in modern democracy, injects the concept as part of its global effort at ‘equal protection under the law’. Of course, democratic “law” to the paranoid and patriotic, ancient colonial Americans was but an egalitarian concept, which soon became a constitutional codification of all the things that a monarchy was not.

So it was birthed. The hallowed concept of ‘separation of church and state’, officially and permanently ensconced as a founding principle of American democracy, provided that: ‘We the People’ would be free from both kings and…clerics.

The preeminent democracy in the eastern Mediterranean region today is in Israel. A distinct variation on the classic modern democracy theme is Israel’s reliance upon an advancement of, what some view as religious promotion within government, and; what others are convinced is a kind of, religious state determinism.

Either way. In the Middle East today, the convenience of religiosity infiltrates each of the Semitic sects of the region. One branch of an ancient family has embraced religious democracy. Another has pledged allegiance to the ethics of republican theocracy.

What distinguishes them are their forms of government. What aligns them is an unhealthy preoccupation with overt religious intrusion in the affairs of state.


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Posted 6th December 2017 by DILULIUS, King of Troy



Kushner’s Kushion


The Birth



“Two Embassy Solution”


Trump’s Pride

It is the pride of President Trump to undo that, which has been done before. For a President, much devoid of individual creativity: wildly splashing in a placid pool of the hard-accomplished deeds of others seems the easiest way to get attention.

Being limited in a personal repertoire of authentic “swimming strokes”. The President is a widely credited expert at the well-known-to-the-childish-at-any-pool-party: the “cannonball”.


Jumping into a pool just to make a splash is an age-old ploy to get attention, especially for the young. An adult’s graceful “dive” into a limpid pool is a thing to behold; and remember. A disruptive “belly flop” is at best comical and, at worst: ugly.

To that end: in the “pool” of considered public opinion the President performs a continuum of “cannonballs”. All to the delight of some and the dismay of many. For his constituency, the consistent ungrace of this man-in-the-pool is a source of entertainment and confirmation.

The presidential “cannonballs” that make waves and splashes in the “pool” of public opinion is a “hoot”, to some. To most others it is “aquatic” anathema.

Afloat In Trump’s Pool

Floating on his own cushion in the maelstrom that is the Trump Presidential “pool party” is his son-in-law: Jared Kushner. Kushner: by the serendipity that is marital virtue became a de facto member of the Trump, White House cabinet.

As such, the young, son-in-law-in-chief has either assumed or been granted by the beneficence of benign father-in-law edict, the solemn responsibility: to resolve a conflict that has vexed the world for nearly three thousand years. Kushner floats…

Kushner’s Konundrum

Just as Kushner plies some, as yet unknown to the greater world (but certainly, amateur) capacity at diplomacy-craft: he begins another long and arduous struggle. A serious, politically existential struggle, to actively establish that: he was uninvolved in an illegal discussion of foreign policy with an official representative of the Russian government.

In order to remain unstained by the broad and considerable, tarred brush of the wide-ranging, Special Counsel Mueller/Russia investigation presently on-going. The young political ingénue-sort, cum diplomatic juggernaut will be called upon to offer substantive defense of his apparent actions while actually being documented as having been present in a meeting with a Russian foreign operative.

Kushner’s Kase

President Trump. Who recognizes no “lifeguard on duty” at his Presidential “pool party” has declared that the long-established location of the American Embassy in Israel be moved from Tel Aviv. It was “so said” this very day (12/06/17).

The action would be a removal of the embassy. From, what has been the, generations-long home to virtually all of dozens of diplomatic (embassy) missions from throughout the world, to the beleaguered state.

To: a virtually, war-wracked Jerusalem. This action signals the beginning of many things.

Mediterranean “Cannonball”

What appears to be an accelerated implementation of a long-anticipated plan of the President. Is, actually in conformity with earlier campaign promises.

This day’s disclosure, itself, however, is pregnant with meaning. Moreover, the decision, in and of itself is fraught.

Such announcement at any time before, at least, the beginning of resolution of the issue of the long debated “two-state”, Israel/Palestine question is explosive. Unnecessarily: explosive.

The announcement now, relatively early on in the Trump Presidential tenure and before the establishment of a clear foothold in the highly touted, Kushner-led Middle East Peace initiative. Is nothing less than a Mediterranean, “cannonball”.

Consider. Son-in-law Kushner’s mission in the Middle East is over. The “cannon-baller-in-chief” has made his splash.

We have been duly distracted from a son-in-law’s quiet withdrawal from an important mission while Jared Kushner tends to his own, more important personal future. Which presently sits in the hands of a certain Special Counsel.

Improvement in the matter of Middle East relations will have to wait for another day. Or another three thousand years…

“The Time Has Come…”

“The time has come…to talk of many things…”

-Lewis Carroll The Walrus and the Carpenter

Due to the sharp advancement of the Mueller/Russia investigation inquiries and the specific attention, which is focused on the son-in-law, Middle East envoy, Kushner. It might be said that ‘the time has come’. To discuss likely alternatives to the President’s rosy prediction of Mr. Kushner’s successfully divining Middle East peace.

It is a well-known fact. That Kushner’s unofficial diplomatic Middle East “mission” was energized by ‘many things’, including a personal and attentive progress towards what had been Kushner’s own, pre-election hobby: advancement of the interests of Israel.

Kushner’s Kushion Kollapses

It is most likely that Jared Kushner’s time is up as a free wheeling, Oval Office favorite and ready diplomat-substitute. Kushner will forever be situate at the Presidential dining table as a family, home fixture, however.

His free movement as a singular, gratis-amanuensis of the White House and its American government is likely stilled. To punctuate the end of the activity of the young wunderkind and in typical Trump “cannonball” fashion, everyone is getting wet, while Kushner slips off his pool cushion and away from the tumult. Mediterranean: “cannonball”.

“Two Embassy Solution”

In its embassy exodus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, America has begun a trend. The millions of dollars in state funds necessarily disgorged from the coffers of dozens and dozens of foreign nations.

In order that they underwrite the movement of their embassies as they leave the seaside diplomatic stronghold. In order to establish new roots in the ravaged religious capital of constant conflict: Jerusalem.

Will be monies that are drained from the Tel Aviv community and infused into another. This, of course, is the first of many sad days for the economy of Tel Aviv and many better ones for that of Jerusalem.

Two States


Two Embassies

As a salute to the early efforts of Jared Kushner, who will likely struggle in a years-long preoccupation with his own, domestic threats. The United States, as a firm declaration to the willingness and good faith of America and most of the peaceful world: should now declare that as it establishes an American embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. It will establish an American embassy to Palestine. In: Jerusalem.

No more perfect opportunity for advancement of the Middle East peace initiative, so dear to son-in-law Jared Kushner’s heart, can present itself than the instant Trump declaration for American, multiple embassy presence in Jerusalem. Jerusalem: where the “Two State Solution” was finally solidified. Jerusalem the home of the:

“Two Embassy Solution”.

Jerusalem: the diplomatic capital and safe-harbor to all embassies from all over the world. A: place for the peaceful location of American embassies to Israel and Palestine.


Shalom. Salem. Salaam.


Posted 6th December 2017 by DILULIUS, King of Troy



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