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…Is this the end of “Gold Digger”?

Grammy-Award Nominated for Record of the Year

Lyrics from “Gold Digger”

Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger
But she ain’t messing with no broke niggas
Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger
But she ain’t messing wit no broke niggas…

Kanye West from “Late Registration”

The End

“…is this the end of Rico?”

Edward G. Robinson Little Caesar

The words that immortalized budding screen actor, Edward G. Robinson were uttered in an Academy Award nominated production: Little Caesar. It was the refrain at the end of his breakout movie debut that solidified the star’s status with his fans. From that instant, Robinson went on to what became a widely acclaimed acting career.

For “Little Caesar”, the character: it was the end. For Robinson the artist, it was the beginning of a long and prosperous tenure as one of the best known and admired personages of the silver screen.

In many ways, Edward G. Robinson defined a golden era in Hollywood history. The end of the screen life of, lead character, “Rico” Bandello was the birth of a fabulous career for, character actor, Robinson.

The “end” is not always the opportunity for a “beginning”, however. Robinson’s good fortune would not necessarily be the formula that applies universally for those who inhabit the real world.


The Beginning

(Of Trouble in Paradise)



“Law of Unintended Consequences”


“Calling all angels, calling all angels…

There’s trouble in paradise…”

The Crests “Trouble in Paradise”


The Law of Unintended Consequences

According to Internet sources:

In the social sciences, unintended consequences are outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action.”

(Emphasis added)


The Sexual Harassment Debacle

At present and for very good reason, there is afoot: a movement in America. That promises to focus on and edify, a social plague. Which, has caused immeasurable misery to a certain segment of the female constituency of America and beyond, for generations.

With the disturbing exposure of countless instances of sexual harassment alleged to have been committed and, in some instances, admitted to by perpetrators. An entire country has come to take stock.

By homing in on circumstances that had heretofore escaped wider public scrutiny. Activists and advocates as well as everyday individuals have painted a grim picture of psychological corruption: psychological corruption and undue physical advantage. Which have been imposed on untold numbers of the “fairer” sex.

It is a shameful picture that unfolds. A sordid, secret landscape is being unveiled as more and more allegations are leveled and a greater and greater number of halting, admissions to harrowing accusations are constantly accumulating. Public mea culpas are being offered by those that are forced to or who voluntarily; parade themselves and their litany of deeds before an incredulous public.


What might be perceived in the minds of ordinary individuals to be some sort of “paradise”. “Hollywood” lives, portrayed as an evolution of a charmed, movie-motivated high culture; as well as political lives, being of those possessed with power while in residence at legislative assemblies in D.C and throughout the land; each, widely perceived as being somehow idyllic or above reproach. Have been laid bare for what they are: of socially feckless presence.

These personalities: mostly Hollywood inhabitants and public and corporate officials had once enjoyed rarified existences. That more often than not would play out for years: movie after movie or election after election, or business deal after business deal, all in the form of ultra-privileged lives.

In many cases they led double lives. Secret lives that tragically evolved ‘below the radar’ of common, basic, public perception.

Many of these once mighty images of prestige are now front-and-center in an energetically prosecuted American social debate. The vocal detractors of this lifestyle are in position to erode institutions of power and prestige as well as dismantle the individual lives of the once mighty who have and will continue to be “fallen” before the universal curse that is “sexual harassment’.


‘How the Mighty have fallen’

Samuel 1:27


Sugar Daddies and ‘Arm Candies’

Included in the carnage that results from the present social “cleansing” are those whose perceived presence among the rank and file ‘sexual harassment participants’ is misleading. Whose apparent cooperation in what might be easily misconstrued as an untoward relationship between the ‘mighty and the minion’ might be misinformed.

There too can be a simple symbiotic and singular participation between some who, by whatever twist of Fate, have come to terms with both: identity and lot in life. Who have resigned themselves to the benefits of an existence wherein there is fruitfulness to the cooperation between two individuals who, at first blush, might appear to be only conveniently compatible or forced to abide.

‘Love, Lord above…’


“She said, “Love, Lord above,
Now you’re tryna’ trick me in love”.”

-Rod Stewart “All right Now’


Seasons. Seasons don’t mix in Nature. Seasons flow one after each other. Depending upon where and when in the world. A season will change or stubbornly sit contented.

In affairs of the heart, however, ‘seasons’ are apt to commingle or conflict. There is often both rhyme and reason to what, in Mother Nature’s perfect realm, is set and distinct. In “love”, however, no boundaries are capable of confining a conflation of feeling: one person for another.


“How Little We Know”


Reductio Ad Absurdum


“Who cares to define what chemistry this is?”

-Hoagy Carmichael/Johnny Mercer “How Little We Know’


So it will come to this. America’s society watchdogs will likely reap both wheat and chaff as they harvest a bitter crop of dysfunction and dismay.

Along with that accumulation of mixed woe will emerge a human “subtext” of the many who, fearful of the ramifications of a prying public eye, will avoid at any cost: the prejudice that momentary fashion spins from its ‘formless and molten center that is passing public interest’. They will do anything to avoid the perception of untowardness.

Swept up in the moment and so often summarily disposed of with the “bathwater”, will surely be plenty of potentially functional “relationships” many of, which will be avoided before they are fledged. Avoided. For want of some efficient device that might be employable in the defense of withering public perception and outcry. The willing benefactor and the willing beneficiary of some mutually functional arrangement between adults will be: eschewed.

The happy “gold digger” and the equally happy underwriter of their mutual objective will become more and more wary: each of the other. Especially, were the “arrangement” to involve someone who is puissant and someone who is engaging.

Whose “involvement” could easily be misconstrued both: by, wider society as well as within themselves. The future of the age old “industry” that has been historically composed of so many relationships of convenience would suffer immeasurably. The fear of scrutiny and misunderstanding would be overwhelming.

Soon. The earnest “gold digger” would be avoided or summarily dismissed for fear of some unwanted, unanticipated, very public backlash.

Today. A fraught atmosphere threatens the very practical industry that is the happy sponsorship of the mostly innocent and eminently attentive: “gold digger”.


“It is a formless, molten center that heats the fire of passing public interest.”

-Timothy Brown



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