Thomas Diluglio
2 min readJul 12, 2022


Justice Samuel Alito


The Second Amendment:

‘The Constitution makes no reference to


Second Amendment





It is the considered belief of many that ‘guns don’t kill’. It is the belief of some that, indeed, guns cannot kill, but…ammunition does.

What follows is an exercise in lofty thought. Were the “state” to regulate ammunition, there would be no abrogation of the 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to ‘bear arms”.

Yet, with strict regulation of ammunition not unlike the present-day regulation of liquor by the State of New Hampshire, ample and complete record of legal possession of ammunition of every sort could be automatic. With amnesty buy-back of ammunition by the State at a premium and its regulated resale by the State pending background checks of putative purchasers; the supply of illegal ammunition would eventually…dry up. Illegal demand would eventually have no source.

Thus, no matter how many guns were to exist, the dwindling supply of ammunition would keep gun ownership intact but limited in the context of use. Ammunition would eventually become very limited and: eventually non-existent in the context of illegal possession.

Law abiding citizens and adherents to the Constitution would be “whole” in their ‘right to bear arms’. Criminals would eventually be without the “stuff” of their trade altogether.