FOX/Sean Hannity: ‘Buy Chinese’

Buy Chinese…


The FOX News staple, Sean Hannity, rarely backpedals. What with the might of the FOX media empire in his corner, there is little likelihood that anyone can ‘lay a glove’ on the vociferous and acerbic anchor. Unless…

Drink To Me…


On Second Thought…

Hannity, who loudly presents himself as a man of conviction, who had made his case on-air on behalf of a variety of controversial persons and topics; this day was in the crosshairs himself. A beleaguered, Republican, public figure cum candidate, which was accused of sordid behavior, Roy Moore had been given a forum for his case: “Hannity”.

‘Made in China’

In a story published by Triple Pundit for “3p Contributor”, Lise Cloutier, the meaning of the term “Made in China” was explored in some detail. The article written for the online publication was entitled: “Work Exchange Brings New Meaning to ‘Made in China’. The story, published on September 30, 2014 delved into the finer points of a U.S. company’s experience with manufacturing its products in China.

The FOX/Keurig ‘Konundrum’

FOX and “Hannity” support Trump and his conservative-voiced efforts to repatriate American jobs. Keurig, a FOX and “Hannity” sponsor, is an American enterprise that contracts with Chinese companies and employees to manufacture its coffeemaker products in China for the purpose of distribution and sale in the United States, to American consumers.



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