Thomas Diluglio
4 min readMay 15


Dogs Are Champions of the Heart


It wasn’t long since the old clock, his grandfather’s clock. Had ceased to tick and clamor. Clamor at both the hour and its half. Maybe it was all a sign:

This all comes to an end. No matter how noble. No matter how good. No matter…’


“The only reliable source of positive energy in his life …was gone.”

Julius D. Thomas



Sadness washes the soul…slowly, but thoroughly. Sadness seeps and creeps into the cracks of the boldest character, among the lines of the strongest mien. Sadness is one of the great equalizers. It brings the mighty to their knees, as it does the less so.

Sadness is so much more than a word. Sadness is a work in…regress.

No matter… Sadness had arrived. Unexpectedly. That day.

Once sadness arrives.

Its departure is slow and painful and ponderous and passionate and severe.

Sadness. Is, sad…



Sorrow ebbs and flows. Not with the circadian certainty of the tides that are all born of mother Moon. Sorrow knows no such certainty.

Sorrow is the essence of the heart. As a heart swells, it too can break. For only a heart that swells can break. Alas. Can a heart that is broken, swell again?


-Pet Deficit-

Dogs Love Us

The pet deficit is insurmountable. You always get more than you give no matter how much you give.

Moreover. There’s added energy. As the good vibrations of a dog’s therapy are subtle and effective, the goodness of a therapy dog’s therapy is without peer. There is no way to repay.

Such wonder: the pleasure that comes when we invest in our canine counterpart and they in us, precious amounts of this wistful energy that is trust. A valuable investment that generates a rich return in pet-immersed, unconditional, canine…love.

Thus. If Man’s greatest companion exists such that each minute of his life is…seven of a human’s, and each year of his: seven full turns of all our yearly seasons. Is it not likely that his whole life is that of seven of ours?

Seven lives to our one. Each and all good and full and happy… One dog’s good life can make his master’s…La vie en rose.


Dogs remind us

Dogs Trust Us

Oh, but how the pet and owner seem to slip some surly bonds. To: happily enter a dimension that a human, without a dog, could never contemplate or understand.

Ours is a more perfect world. A world better balanced. Balanced between Man and “beast”. Happily balanced. Such sacred dimension is haven to the most important and elusive and pure of all emotion: TRUST.

Dogs Transport Us

ESP, Extra Sensory Perception is a power many persons probably possess. Its efficacy, though, varies. Every canine, however, is expert in this elusive science. For more fortunate humans, this mysterious, innate sensory power is often only revealed when its secret is unlocked for a human by a canine counterpart.

A wondrous moment it is when both canine and human. Each knows that they are forever part of the same animal world.

With that acknowledgement: a strange, inscrutable equality exists. Though canine need never leave this soft, enveloping, wool-sweater-warm supersensory existence, its less privileged bipedal counterpart must exit and return time and again. Each pedestrian “round trip” is complete, however, when, with but our meager investment of a human hair’s breadth of time: a quick flick of fury head and sparkle-blink of canine eye brings we humans home again. Dogs transport us.

Unlocked, just by the quiet energy of a loyal pet’s knowing glance. Upon this wondrous moment whether, recognized at the time by a sentient master. Or: revealed as some precious personal afterthought, acknowledged only a lifetime of relationship later.


The Happy Products of a Loving God

As are so many things in life, when that time of final twilight nears, the fresh scent that was new and the dust of antiquity, fully merge in a sensation once unique and final. Atoms of life so intricately, and with such purpose, assembled, tire of their task. Same but different, they too seem to sag with time in their endless labor to maintain some deliberate form of wonderful things, once the happy product of a loving God. All destined for return to the bare, cold, core of some next and far-off existence; set and awaiting another Fate: a Fate reabsorbed as are all things of this World


The Time and the Season

It was a time in spring. When the azalea and the forsythia just grudgingly surrender their colors. When an annual accumulation of the blush and fragrant snows that blow too soon from the, then just burgeoning, Japanese Ornamental Cherry, blossoms. Showers the world.


The Old Order Changeth …

So said he, and the barge with oar and sail

Moved from the brink, like some full-breasted swan…

…Long stood (Sir Bedivere)

Revolving many memories, till the hull

Look’d one black dot against the verge of dawn,

And on the mere the wailing died away.

Le Morte d’Arthur- Alfred Lord Tennyson


Revolving Many Memories …

“Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

Whence it came. It can go forth.

Then my dog’s energy will someday reinvest and return to me.”

-Julius D. Thomas


May 10, 2018