Christmas, Oh Christmas

Thomas Diluglio
3 min readDec 24, 2021

Now that the time is nearing Yule

And jingle bells are here.

The days long since turned quite cool

And we’re warmed with Christmas cheer.

The Holiday glow is full of fun

With children young and old,

Everyone’s happy and there isn’t a one

Whose spirit can stay cold.

In each house is a tree and lights

Through crisp cool windows shine,

All through those long cold winter nights

Until Santa has his time.

Under foot is a fresh white crunch

Through, which there’s a powdery stroll.

Doors have holly leaves tied in a bunch

Plum pudding cools in a bowl.

Children come home cold, red and wet

To presents under a tree.

Till that day, still they’ll never set

And St. Nick holds the key.

House to house the kids they carol

As flakes so delicately fall

On that clear, crystal starry night

Before the Jolly Man’s call.

All the children wait and stare

To see the man in red

Hoping that soon he will be there

But alas — “It’s time to go to bed”.

There’s a sound, a tap, a knock

As each jumps down to the floor.

But the sound was just a back door lock

And no one there had something in store.

Back to bed, to a frail sleep

Underneath warm covers and clothes

And every few minutes a little peep

Is taken through frosty cold windows.

A bell, a sound, no a jingle

And again in a bound and a leap

The glass on her nose created a tingle

And again, “You must go to sleep”.

By the fireplace the cookies were laid

Hoping a hungry Santa would eat,

Though little nerves almost were frayed

They finally kept still under the sheets.

Tonight is the night when all through the house

Though little minds flew all the more,

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

And again someone was at the door.

But children grow tired and soon go to sleep

By the time St. Nicholas comes,

He leaves a stuffed tiger and little toy sheep

And in the plate, he leaves a few crumbs.

Then next morning when the sun starts to shine

And the day is just greeting the might,

The children awake and find in due time

The presents that make their eyes bright.

Christmas time is a wonderful time

A warm gracious time of the year,

And even for those, ‘there’s no Santa Claus’,

Still there’s that Christmas cheer!

…Christmas, Oh Christmas, Oh…No

But let me tell you something straight

And let you know and hear,

For those who think that Christmas is great

There are bills on the first of the year.

And then the kids come in so cold

And bring snow on the rug,

Asking so brazen and bold,

“Some presents or you’ll get a slug”.

And all the people who have the fun

Waiting for the man in red,

They must be pretty gosh darned dumb

And ought to check their heads.

And Christmas trees that catch on fire

And bulbs that, burn and scorch,

The sound of ice and spinning tire

No railings on a slippery porch.

Christmastime, oh Christmastime,

Parties with mistletoe.

When you think of it, it’s really a crime

When you have to kiss a crow.

Christmastime, oh Christmastime,

That time of love and cheer,

I just hope I have a dime

To spend for my next year.

So, if you revel in Yuletide spirit

And on your door hangs a wreath,

Don’t tell me I don’t want to hear it,

You should get a rap on the teeth!