Charlottesville, Virginia


It seemed never to be a tangible problem of society. Until the, natural, conservative sense of proportion and restraint in personal life, was slowly abandoned by the successive American generations that began life in the wake of the end of World War Two.


Tawny America


Post Charlottesville “Cleanse”

By the year 2300, America had come a long way. Towards the end of that century would come the celebration of its, sexicentenary. During its nearly 600-year existence, however, much had transpired. For instance, it had been hundreds of years since the, “race riots” of the far-off 1960’s.

America: ‘slave to fashion’


“Renacimiento americano ”

Of course everything had come to change in the United States since 2017. By 2317 the country had long rested in the quiet aftermath of what was a tumultuous, national, re-reawakening known to wider History as the American Re-Birth Period or: “Renacimiento americano ”.

Charlottesville Redux




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